Worcester Rugby Club

The Worcester Rugby Club is an English rugby union club which was founded in the year 1871 in Worcester at England. The founder of this club was Reverend Francis John Ede and the first game the club played was in the year 1871 against the Artillery. The original home stadium of the club was at Bevere. However in the 1975, the club left Bevere for Six Ways Stadium. The club is currently under the chairmanship of Cecil Duckworth and is coached and captained by Richard Hill and Chriss Pennell respectively. The club will start their career in the Premiership after being promoted from the RFU Championship. Besides that, they also play for the Anglo Welsh Cup, European Rugby Cup, British and Irish Cup and Aviva league Championship.

The jersey color for the Worcester Rugby Club is blue and gold with different variants of blue depending upon the home and away matches. At times they are also commonly nicknamed as the Warriors. Their story of the promotion to the Premiership is a commendable one. They first started out contending for the National division one. Once they managed to win it with a perfect record of all victories, they proceeded on to the Zurich Championship. In the year 2005-2006, they moved on to playing for the European Challenge Cup and managed to reach to the quarter finals. The European Challenge Cup was very essential to the Worcester Rugby Club as it would give them a direct entry in to the Heineken Cup. The next season of 2006-2007 was not as fruitful and prosperous as the previous ones and although they never ranked anywhere, they did manage to defeat all major top teams, thus in turn improving their position and hence preventing any form of relegation.

The Worcester Rugby Club is currently placed at the 9th position at the English Premiership League Table. They have managed o keep up their name and portray themselves as a strong team as they give a tough fight to the best of teams playing in the championship. The beauty of this club is that they have managed to perform consistently right from the very beginning. Although the 2008-2009 seasons were one of the worst, they quickly managed to recover from it and come back to playing professional world class rugby. They made a bright and impactful start in the beginning of the 2009-2010 seasons. Even the 2010-2011 seasons was a brilliant showcase of talents and skill and the Worcester Rugby Club managed to win 30 out of the total 31 matches that they played. This shows the commendable performance and effort put in by each of the team members.

The club has shown its brilliant performance in a number of seasons. This has increased its fan following and they have managed to keep this strong and ever growing. They even offer special cards to members of the club so as to purchase any form of accessories specific to the club. Be it tickets or anything from the community store, it is all there made available.