Warriors Win Against Gloucester

Victories might make a team complacent sometimes and hence, defeats are when opportunities for improvements are created. This has happened with Worcester Warriors who had a win against Harlequins in the Premiership League game.

However, the game that they played against Gloucester showcased where there was room for improvement of the team. This particular game ended in a score of 55-19 which was a blow for the team. At the same time, it helped the team to realize the aspects that they needed to work upon. It was a Premiership game that the Gloucester team won against the Warriors on their home grounds at Kingsholm.

As a result, the team suffered a humiliation that was hard for the fans to digest. There were brave attempts put up by different players such as Matt Scott, Jacob Rowan, Jonny May and others like Cooper Vuna. These players put in scores for the team in the first half. In the second half of the game Scott was able to get in a second score. However, this did not help the team to win as the score of the dominant team was too high.

The loss was difficult for the team to digest, but it also helped them realize the faults that lay in their strategies, especially on their defensive side. The fact that the opponent team was able to make a high score showcased the failings in their defense. This has brought about a change in their training strategies as well. In the European games that are currently being played by the team there is much focus on increasing intensity in the trainings. The team is focusing on their team playing strategies as the team members need to take the right decisions and act when the game is going fast.