Warriors On European Break

The Warriors are currently on a European break as they take part in the European Challenge Cup. Though their performance needs to be improved for them to fare well in this championship, Sam Lewis feels that this European break for the team is working out well for them. This is the view of the flanker who has been with the squad for some time. He feels that the team is working hard on getting their playing strategies right.

Carl Hogg and his team have not been without accolades in recent times. The team gained a victory in the Aviva Premiership League, one of their firsts which was in October. This was definitely a hallmark achievement for the team. They beat Harlequins at a score of 24-17. This was a record and they obtained a four point advantage that has definitely upped their overall position.

However, it is important that the team keeps up the performance. This is often difficult for all teams and for the Warriors also, there was a defeat against Gloucester Rugby that was with a score of 55-19 which was humbling for them. Lewis however feels that the team has definitely gained from these game experiences. The fact that the team was defeated on home grounds also made the team wary of their performance. It was felt that the form of the team was not at their peak at the Sixways games.

Indeed, having to suffer defeat at Kingsholm was difficult for the team. However, he feels that the break that the team got before the European Challenge started off has definitely helped them to recover and come back fresh for the forthcoming challenges. This weekend the France game against Brive will also see the team being tested for their fast playing skills.