Warriors Keep Fans In Mind

Often, the motivating factor that works in favor for a team is the expectation that fans have for them. For instance, the Warriors have been only successful once in the rounds that were held in December for the European Challenge Cup. As a result, the team needs to salvage their position in the group rounds.

With a game scheduled this weekend in France, the team is looking to step up their performance, to keep some of the expectations of the fans. Brive is a team that is a tough opponent for them this weekend as they are currently a leader in the group games in this tournament.

There have been certain strategies taken up by the Worcester Warriors to ensure that they have a better playing position today. For instance, they have a new US international player who would be debuting with the team on the field for this game. Again, experienced players would also be taking an active role in the game as per Carl Hogg. The experienced players realize that they need to train more intensely for the game and they have been changing their training routine accordingly.

It is felt that most of their poor performances are mainly due to poor decisions made by the team members when they need to react fast. With such strategy changes done in their training regime, it is hoped that the team will be able to perform better. Some players remain out of the loop such as Chris Pennell, who plays in the full back position. He is currently recovering from an Achilles injury.

As the team had lost three games out of four in this tournament in December, they need to step up their performance if they wish to qualify in the group rounds. Many of the supporters of the team have been urging them to step up and take control on the field.