The Report Of The British And Irish Cup

The Nottingham rugby put an end to the British & Irish Cup group campaign with the 6th loss when the Worcester Warriors won by 43-22 bonus-points. For the hosts, it gave them a position in the quarter final and for the greens it has been a total loss in this season’s tournament even though their head coach Martin Haag named a better side for the match of meadow Lane next Sunday with the Doncaster Knights.

As the visitors showed a really strong start, the 13 in a row win of Worcester was never expected. In the September’s Championship game, Nottingham took the lead and in this the Warriors came out winners and claimed the nine-try victory. Winger Liam O’Neill finished perfectly as he jinxed his way out of Chris Pennell before he could dot around the corner.

This was redone by Dan Mugford who made the home team hit back up in 5 minutes as  they got a penalty from Ryan Lamb. The Green’s lead was more stretched due to the penalty that Mugford got in front of the posts for the 8-3.

It was just four minutes before the half time that the home team got one try in the match and it wasprop Rapava Ruskin who found himself at the end of the great team move. Lamb then converted the whole match and the hosts scored another try just before the intervals because Ryan Mills helped fellow center player Max Stelling to score a goal underneath the posts.

It was Lamb’s second conversion that gave the Warriors an advantage of nine points and they turned the early deficit over all together and lead to a 17-8 at break time.

The third try from the Warriors came around 45 minutes as Sam Smith took the lead.