Rapava To Join Gloucester

Val Rapava Ruskin from Worcester Warriors would be moving to Gloucester to join this rival team in the forthcoming summer months. Rapava Ruskin is known as a leasehold prop whose transfer has been finalized. He has made about 56 appearances for the Warriors till now. He joined this club in 2014 and had become a key figure for the team as a front row forward. This Georgian born player has much potential as he has displayed in his performances on the field.

The move will definitely be a loss for Worcester, especially since the team recently suffered a humbling defeat to this rival team. The switch that the player would be making would require the Warriors to find a suitable replacement for him. However, till then, there are more games in which he will continue to play on behalf of the Warriors. Val is considered an important member of the team. He continues to wear the team shirt with pride as per Carl Hogg the head coach. Read more

Warriors Win Against Gloucester

Victories might make a team complacent sometimes and hence, defeats are when opportunities for improvements are created. This has happened with Worcester Warriors who had a win against Harlequins in the Premiership League game.

However, the game that they played against Gloucester showcased where there was room for improvement of the team. This particular game ended in a score of 55-19 which was a blow for the team. At the same time, it helped the team to realize the aspects that they needed to work upon. It was a Premiership game that the Gloucester team won against the Warriors on their home grounds at Kingsholm. Read more